Things to Know About Pricing
Our goal at is to provide farmers with the online tools they need to build and serve a customer base and enjoy a financially successful farm. As farmers, you take enough financial risks each season. Money goes out long before your results come in. is different. You will not receive your first bill until you have had time to use the service and generate income.

Our annual service fee is billed based on the number of members who order from your farm during the preceding year ending June 30th. Your bill will be sent on July 5th and payment is due August 1st. Your annual service fee is $1.50 per member. For example, if you have 200 members, your annual service fee will be $300. If, however, you have 80 members, your annual service fee will be only $120. There is a $100 minimum for CSA's with fewer than 70 members.

There is an option for your existing member accounts to be automatically set up. This option is available and recommended if you presently have your member accounts recorded electronically in Excel or other electronic format. This provides a smoother transition for your members while allowing you to E-mail them through our E-mail Broadcaster Tool immediately. We can also import your share information and/or Pick-up locations. Costs for these services will vary. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Online credit card costs or "merchant fees" apply if you choose to accept online credit cards as payment via PayPal. This fee goes directly to PayPal for their services. By utilizing PayPal, your members enjoy the convenience of credit card purchasing, and you receive your money within approximately two business days of the sale; no more waiting for the check, wondering if it will clear, and updating your records manually. It is all done automatically when the customer is ready to buy. A $300 sale using PayPal will cost you approximately $10.00, and a $50.00 sale will cost approximately $2.00.
PayPal Information


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