CSA Share Management Tool
Our Share Management Tool gives the farmer complete share flexibility. Let's say as a farmer you only offer two shares of vegetables per member. You know you can grow salad mix all season. However, you can only produce 100 shares and you have 300 members. Those 100 shares could mean $10,000 that you could use. But how do you manage different shares for multiple members? That challenge is easy for the farmer using our Share Management Tool. You create 100 salad shares and the system will only sell 100 salad shares. Then it will print on the member's box labels their full or half vegetable share with their salad share next to it. This tool will even color code the labels to make your sorting easier and more efficient!

With our Share Management Tool you can also set up special offer shares. For example, you have a quantity of honey, so you go online and set up a special offer. An E-mail is automatically generated to each of your active members informing them of the details. Interested members go online to order shares, which the system will allow until those shares are gone, according to the parameters you have set. Automatically, the system will generate a bill for the special offer shares. The member can print out and send to you with payment; or make that purchase quickly and easily via PayPal, if you have made that option available to them. On the week designated for the special offer, the CSA toolbox will print labels for all the members who ordered honey, which will be delivered along with the regular shares for that week. If the special offer is a small item, it can be printed right on the customer's box label and included in the box, if not, a special label will be printed for that item.

Our Share Management Tool allows the farmer to financially reap every possible dollar from what is sown. For example, most farms grow corn, but not many sell the corn stocks at the end of the season. Yet a growing number of people now use corn stocks to decorate for Halloween or for the fall season. If you make a special offer for 200 bunches of corn stocks at $5.00 each, which would be an extra $1,000.00 in the bank without any additional planting. You can create income with what you normally plow under and lose with the fall disking! This also works for peak season items like corn, potatoes, or fruit. You can even specify that a special offer can only be picked up at the farm on a certain date in the case of large or bulky items like corn stalks, pumpkins, or bales of hay.

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