CSA Billing Tools
At the present, payment options include credit card payment via PayPal, or invoicing with payment by check or money order via regular mail.
You can also specify for each share if credit cards will be accepted or not
At present, our payment plan options are payment in full, or three payment terms. In the future we will be offering monthly payment options, as well as down payment options based on percentage or dollar amount.
In the future we will be offering more payment options based on the input we receive from our farmers. Your needs are our priority.

Whether paying via PayPal or mailing in a check with invoice, The software will track the member's balance, payments and balance due.

If a member mails you a check or money order, simply enter their invoice numbers into the website followed by the payment amount. This will update the member's records. You can then print a report showing which members have balances due and the amounts. At that time you can generate invoices to send to those members.

The Billing Tools will inform you prior to share delivery if you have members who have not finished paying, or have paid nothing to date. This way if a customer signs up online, but never sends in a payment, they will not have a share delivered.

You can also specify for each share you set-up what payments can be used. For example if you do not want to take PayPal on you main shars you can set them up that way. On the other hane if you are going to offer cases of proudct, that will be avabille for pickup in 2 weeks you probaly do not want to wait for check to come in the mail and can set-up that share for PalPal only.

Online credit card costs or "merchant fees" apply if you choose to accept online credit cards as payment via PayPal. This fee goes directly to PayPal for their services. By utilizing PayPal, your members enjoy the convenience of credit card purchasing, and you receive your money within approximately two business days of the sale; no more waiting for the check, wondering if it will clear, and updating your records manually. It is all done automatically when the customer is ready to buy. A $300 sale using PayPal will cost you approximately $10.00, and a $50.00 sale will cost approximately $2.00.

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