CSA Reporting Tools
Our Reporting Tool provides a vast array of reports available to you. From harvest schedules and the number of weekly shares produced to Pick-up locations notifying you they are full or closing. This tool is designed to keep you informed, organized, and in control of your CSA.

Vital to any CSA farm is their members. The Reporting Tool can generate a member survey and, in conjunction with the E-mail Broadcaster, send it out to your target audience. You can survey all of your members if you want general feedback. Or, if you are concerned about how a certain Pick-up site is being managed, you can survey just those members who utilize the site in question.

  • More still to come
  • Pick-up Locations Stats
  • Share Stats
  • Box Labels
  • Drop Log for members to sign when picking up
  • Daily Harvest Needs
  • Customer List (by Name, Pick-up, paid, unpaid, Etc)
  • Mailing Labels
  • View Vacation Stops
  • Welcome Letters

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